TEBSA was born as the result of the 1992 energy crisis, during the administration of President Cesar Gaviria and it is recalled by Colombians as the “blackout”. Between 1992 and 1993 the country had to ration around 5.000 GW/H, equivalent to around two months of the national power consumption.

The reasons for the blackout, thoroughly analyzed by different analysts, showed different technical and occasional aspects: the occasional aspect is indeed related to the drought experienced at that moment and the structural aspect deals with the unbalance between the hydro and thermal generation, it became urgent for the country to develop thermal power generation projects, which will balance the country's supply.

The government's goal was, on one hand to change the ratio from 80% - 20% to 70% - 30% and on the other, to recover the existing 20% which was in poor conditions.

This made it necessary to count on the participation of the private sector.

Laws 142 and 143, which did not exist at that time, would regulate public utilities services, specifically electric power generation.

At last, the need of an appropriate power balance and of counting on the participation of the private sector led the government to encourage actions that would make possible what we today know as Termobarranquilla S.A. E.S.P.

Termobarranquilla S.A. E.S.P. – TEBSA – is the largest thermal generator in Colombia, located on the Atlantic Coast, Atlántico Department, Municipality of Soledad.  The plant has an installed capacity of 870 MW, which will shortly be expanded to 910 MW,  and generates approximately 30% of the national electric power demand, it is able to provide the Atlantic Coast with all the power it requires in case of failures in national interconnection lines.  Therefore, TEBSA gives reliability to the whole national electric power system
TEBSA gives electric power generation service to the country, through it’s client GECELCA, using  combined cycle technology,  consisting of  five (5)  gas turbine generators, and two steam turbines operating in combined cycle.  This is the most efficient alternative to generate thermal power, making the most of natural resources.
The introduction of this technology into the country has brought about an improvement in the level of local technical labor forces and it’s development has been one of the Company’s permanent goals.

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