Our people are happy to be part of TEBSA's team because we offer them professional and personal growing opportunities, a pleasant working atmosphere, which is also safe and environment friendly, and social benefits to our workers and their families.

Our people are proud of TEBSA's leadership, our excellent reputation within the power sector and the quality of our processes and final product.
(adapted from the results of our “Labor Environment Survey” – conducted by Centro Nacional de Consultoría - September 2004).

The commitment of our employees and associates, the permanent support we receive from our shareholders and the implementation of consistent policies regarding safety, technical and operational quality and environmental protection, has allowed TEBSA to become the largest, most efficient plant in Colombia, with the highest available capacity. .

• Responsibility.
• Safety.
• Efficiency.
• Respect.
• Imparciality.
• Perseverance.
• Loyalty.
• Honesty.
• Integrity.
• Justice.
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